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Anger is a normal human emotion, but when it truly begins to take over your life and alter your relationships, it may be time to seek professional help. For residents living in and around Marshall, Texas, Jeremiah Henderson, LCSW, offers anger management counseling to help you manage your emotions in an effective way. To schedule an appointment for anger management help, call the office or book online today.  

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Anger Management Q & A

When would I need help with anger management?

Everyone experiences anger occasionally. The emotion fulfills many purposes, with the most common reason being the need to protect ourselves. Anger can cause hormonal shifts and responses like increased alertness, sweating, and muscle tension. 

However, anger can also cause changes in the way you react to certain situations. This can affect your relationships and mental well-being. 

When it becomes hard to manage your anger, it’s important to seek professional help. Some seek anger management to improve their relationships, while others look for guidance for their emotions. 

Who can benefit from anger management?

People who experience anger on a frequent basis may benefit from anger management. Through the process of learning to manage your emotions and cope with situations, you may be able to reduce your emotions of anger. 

Some people decide to try anger management because their physical health has suffered as a result of anger. Anytime you experience a strong emotion for a significant period, it takes a toll on your body. You may experience conditions like high blood pressure or poor sleep quality. Managing your anger can help improve your mental well-being as well as your physical health. 

What is the process like for anger management?

At your first appointment with Mr. Henderson, he’ll first take the time to get to know your specific needs and goals. This allows him to create a customized treatment plan that helps you manage your anger in healthier ways. 

He can recommend lifestyle changes as a part of your treatment plan, which may include:

  • Getting more exercise to allow your body to release tension and anger
  • Learning how to walk away and take a break when you feel anger building up
  • Identifying your triggers and take steps to avoid them
  • Learning how to forgive others
  • Developing relaxation skills to self-soothe when anger builds

These are just some of the areas where Mr. Henderson can help you manage your anger. Over time, you can learn how to recognize, process, and move beyond anger in a healthy way. 

To schedule an appointment for anger management help, call Jeremiah Henderson in Marshall, Texas, or book online today. 

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